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VirtualCL (VCL) cluster platform is a wrapper for OpenCL™ that allows most unmodified applications to transparently utilize multiple OpenCL devices in a cluster as if all the devices are local.

Main features    
  • Works with OpenCL devices from all vendors.
  • Supports almost all OpenCL 1.1 (and 1.0) applications.
  • Applications can use cluster-wide OpenCL devices.
  • Transparent selection of devices.
  • Supports multiple applications on the same cluster.
  • Applications can be started on any hosting-computer, including computers without OpenCL devices.
  • Supports SuperCL, an extension of OpenCL that allows micro-programs to run efficiently on devices of remote nodes.
  • Runs on Linux clusters, with or without MOSIX.
  • VCL support for SLURM      
  • Provides a per-job private ad-hoc VCL cluster, based on SLURM's allocation rather than having a fixed cluster. This includes the necessary SLURM prologs and epilogs to establish and destroy this private cluster.
  • Informs SLURM when VCL detects insufficient OpenCL devices.
  • Includes instructions for SLURM administrators and users on how to incorporate VCL into SLURM.
  • VCL support for MPI and multitasking    
  • A pre-allocation option, to prevent improper competition for devices between ranks.
  • An option to ban unwanted devices, making them invisible to the application.
  • Further information is available in the VCL White paper, Guides and Manuals, Presentation, Changelog and FAQ. For the latest updates follow VCL on Twitter.

    Obtaining a copy

    The latest distribution is VCL-1.25.
      By downloading VCL you state that you accept the following VCL Software License Agreement:

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